EPIK Disability Services Cottages near completion
The rear of the 3 Cottages
Activities Centre
The slab preparation, footings and formwork has commenced for the new Administration Building and
the Activities Centre. The sewer and vent line diversion has been completed. The works have now
progressed  to the point that the builder can commence the car park and lease line works.
Closing of internal walls with gyprock has now commenced and glazing installation is near completion.
                                                Activity Centre Facade
                                     Administration Centre - Steel Framework
                                         Administration Hub - Steel Structure
Respite Cottages - Kitchens and Joinery have now been completed and are ready for the installation
of appliances.  Flooring is next on the program.
         The re-development is progressing well despite a couple of periods of very wet weather.
         The three cottages are now at lock up stage and joinery is currently under construction.
                                                 Photo of the rear of the cottages
                                       Tiling bathrooms and installation of electrical works
                                    Joinery for Kitchens in the Cottages almost complete
                      Living area
     Photo of side pathway between cottages                              Entry door of Cottages           

                 Rear of property                                                           Rear verandah
               Living area of Cottages                              Glass doors entering back yard of Cottages
                               Removal of stain glass window and statues from the main building


  CEO, Joanna Najdzion carefully removing cross from the

                main building before demolition