Figtree Early Learning Centre

To find out more, please call on 9747 5782

In the Toddlers' Room we facilitate and create engaging learning environments and experiences for children. These programs are guided by The Early Years Learning Framework and the National Quality Standards for the Early Childhood Education and Care industry. The educational and care program provided at Figtree is based around children’s interests, needs and developmental stages and also focuses on developing the child’s sense of self and building their self-confidence as they develop new skills.

We offer a variety of experiences and activities for children including creative group times and offer age-appropriate and developmentally suitable toys and materials that help children develop a love of learning.

Early friendships are also encouraged to boost children’s social skills and to further build bonds and relationships with both their peers and educators. We guide and assist children to work alongside others within small and large group experiences.

The program allows the children time to be physically active and further develop their gross motor skills in our expansive outdoor setting and take on greater physical challenges. Sand and water play, climbing frames, balance beams and ball games are all part of our outdoor learning environment.

Educators and families work closely together to form a cohesive support network to help guide children as they become independent individuals.

How can I find out more about Figtree Early Learning Centre?
To find out more about our service and what Figtree can offer you and your child. Why not visit us and take a tour of our brand new purpose built centre. You can contact us on (02) 9747 5782 or email us at [email protected]

"Thank you to all the educators for your patience, hard work and dedication"

"A stimulating environment, play, friendship and secure attachments have all been provided by the educators at the Early Learning Centre. We have been so lucky to have a strong continuity of care"