The Difference We Make


Our St Anthony’s Family Care Journey has just begun, but already it has become a beacon of support and warmth for our son Hugo. The community has embraced us wholeheartedly, providing a nurturing environment that we know is perfect for Hugo. It’s been a life changer for our family.

At the start of 2023, Hugo began attending Figtree Early Learning Centre based on numerous glowing recommendations regarding its exceptional support for children with additional needs. The decision came after we noticed Hugo struggling to meet developmental milestones compared to his peers.

We sought help from physiotherapists and chiropractors when he was just nine months old, receiving exercises to aid his development. However, it was not until Hugo turned one and underwent assessment at an early diagnosis clinic that we received the devastating news: he had mild to moderate spastic quadriplegic cerebral palsy.

We were advised that this was something that would affect Hugo for the rest of his life and would require extensive therapy on an ongoing basis. This news was extremely devastating for my partner and I as this was something we never expected. We were worried that without help we wouldn’t be able to give Hugo the full scope of care he needed to get the best start in life.

We’d heard so many horror stories about families enrolling their children into centres ill-equipped to support children with special needs. So we were determined to find an inclusive, secure, and reliable daycare for Hugo.

Following Hugo’s diagnosis in March 2023, the team at Figtree stood by us every step of the way, adapting their care to align with Hugo’s condition and evolving routine. He now undergoes physiotherapy twice weekly and occupational and speech therapy once a week.

We still have a long road ahead of us, but despite his challenges he is a curious and resilient child. Nothing stops him from wanting to learn and we couldn’t be more proud. His gross motor skills have shown remarkable improvement, as he can now transition from lying down to kneeling up! Our current focus is on enhancing his ability to stand and walk with the assistance of a walker.

Our time at Figtree has already yielded significant progress. Hugo’s fine motor skills have flourished, bringing him on par with peers his age. The staff at Figtree are not only welcoming and supportive but also receptive to feedback, providing us with regular, insightful updates on Hugo’s progress.

Their eagerness to learn new techniques and strategies to aid Hugo’s development reassures us that he is in capable hands.

Since joining Figtree, Hugo has expanded his vocabulary and eagerly anticipates daycare. Hugo is always excited to see his daycare friends and get warm hugs from his favourite educators. His love for learning shines through activities like painting, playing in the sandpit, and singing.

– Anna
(Hugo’s Mum)